Long Distance Solution

Today, it is common for family members to live far apart. When an unfortunate event occurs, it can be very difficult to cope from long distances. With one phone call, EGA Homes is your onsite advocate, keeping your family’s best interest at heart. We work with moving companies, bank trustees, and other relocation and liquidation professionals so you don’t have to make numerous trips away from your job and family. We also perform those necessary tasks not always associated with the sale of items or a move, such as gathering information, running errands and arranging for painting.

Your Total Solution

As life changes, its often necessary to relocate to a smaller home, retirement community, nursing home or the home of a friend or relative. Or perhaps you need to liquidate certain belongings in a timely manner. Where do you start, how do you you and your family handle these events during what may be a stressful and overwhelming situation such as a divorce, an illness or death of a loved one?

Senior Moving

When Seniors can no longer live safely and securely in their homes due to illness or aging, EGA Homes give families peace of mind by coordinating all the details of relocating. The move to a retirement community, nursing care center, hospice, or even another family member’s home can sometimes be overwhelming for families. EGA Homes can help alleviate some of the stress.


EGA Homes knows how to make downsizing less complicated. When you or a loved one decide to move into a smaller, more comfortable and convenient home, we can help you through the process. Whether you’re an empty nester or need the right size for economical reasons, EGA Homes can help.