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Join the EGA Family

We'd love to talk to you about how you could fit with our culture, and grow your business as an EGA Homes Agent

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What We Offer

Free Headshots

If you don't already have a professionally photographed headshot, we will happily get one done for you.

Professional Social Media Marketing Videos

We will help you plan, record, and edit social media marketing videos to help you grow your brand and engage with your target audience.

Individual Strategic Marketing Session

Sit down with our Chief Marketing Officer to create a one-on-one strategic marketing plan, so you have a clear vision on how to achieve your goals.

Listing Media and Marketing

We've partnered with the best real estate media company in the area to give all of our agents incredible package options for a fraction of the price, to help you win more listings and get them sold faster and at a higher price. You can even pay at closing if you desire.

Print Marketing for Maximum Impact

We will help you design and create marketing flyers and brochures so you can maximize every marketing opportunity.

Targeted Text Campaigns

Stay in contact with your CRM with targeted text campaigns, keeping you top of mind with potential clients.

Live and Remote Training/Collaboration

Further develop your skills and collaborate with other agents.

Access to our Online Educational Library

Have questions you need answered fast? We've put together an online video library to answer all of your FAQ's about real estate.

Revenue Sharing

Earn extra commission for every agent you refer to us that becomes an agent with the EGA family.

Custom CMA's in Minutes

Easy access to CMA's so you can gather information and respond quickly to clients.

Property Improvement Solutions

Work with our partners to provide renovations for upcoming listings. Sellers are able to make the necessary touch ups to make the property sell for more and they can pay at closing.

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Over the course of 12 weeks, we provide leadership and guidance for active duty military personnel, reservist, Veterans, and their spouses to build a career in real estate.

Online Class

Fast paced program for committed individuals 18 and over to obtain their real estate license in less than 90 days. Gain experienceand earn commission while preparing for the state exam. 


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