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Irma Madrigal

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My Story

When I was young my parents happened to sell their home every 7 years, so I was always intrigued by what it took to get a family like mine into a new home. We had an English-speaking agent, and I had a Spanish speaking mother so at a young age I was always actively involved in the whole buying and selling process. 

As a Financial Aid Counselor at Cal State San Bernardino, I was an advocate for my students. As a real estate agent, I am an advocate for my clients. In a way counseling for students is a lot like counseling a home buyer or seller. My job is to educate and advise on the best plan of action for the ones I’m working with based on very unique needs. Every home buying journey is unique. It is a process where you will want someone who is there for you to trust and depend on for the best advice. Someone who will educate you along the way so by the end you are a home buying expert. 

As a homeowner myself I know what the home buying process was like and my best piece of advice is to encourage you to do your research on your agent. Find someone with great communication skills and who knows the area you are interested in. Good luck on your real estate journey and if you have any questions check out my helpful links!

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