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Marianne Reid
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As a loving and supportive wife and mother who is dedicated to raising three amazing children, I understand the need for a quality home that meets your current and future needs!


I have been working as a court reporter for San Bernardino Superior Court in criminal and civil courtrooms for the past 20 years. I’ve witnessed how families struggle dealing with difficult situations and the stressful impacts they have on everyone involved.  I have a deep personal belief that a good home life is the best foundation for success of all children.


I have a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from CBU, and I am continuing my education through personal development, coaching, and mentoring.  My goal as a REALTOR® is to use my life experience to help guide and support my clients through the home buying and selling process while fighting to get them what they want.  I believe in quality customer service, and I aim to give that personal touch needed to earn the trust and loyalty from each client. 


I have lived in Riverside for most of my life, and I value where I came from and where I am today. Being part of a military family, I feel so grateful and thankful for my father, several uncles, two of my brothers, my husband and his family’s long history of military service. This has unleashed my desire to represent those who have served and fought for our country which has enabled us to enjoy all the freedoms in life. I understand the commitment that these men and women must have to dedicate their lives in protecting this great country. My family bleeds red, white and blue. If you are a veteran, I want to work for you!


My husband’s service in the US Navy enabled us to secure a VA loan and utilize a zero down to purchase our first home.   Because of that amazing benefit, we have been able to purchase, renovate, and sell multiple homes to land us in our forever home that we live in today.  I’ve realized in this multi-year process that real estate is my passion. We bought low, sold high, and renovated within our means several times. I want to help you understand that your first home might not be your forever home, but it’s a steppingstone to the future path that I want to help guide you through. 


One of my greatest loves in life is watching our children excel in their chosen sports.  Their passions include Riverside Poly High School Football, Lacrosse, Jr. Ducks 16UAA ice hockey, Gage Middle School Dance Team and Ferguson Dance Center.  My husband and I have spent the past 15 years dividing and conquering to support all three kids’ sports and activities so we can both have a career while supporting each child’s passion. We have been board members of the booster clubs of each sport to help raise money and help those less fortunate.  I understand the time constraints it puts on family life. Because I value the benefit of youth sports, I am dedicated to working around your “spare time” in your busy life to find that potential steppingstone to your future. 


I look forward to working with you in finding you your forever home.

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