For some, the idea of purchasing a “fixer upper” can sound appealing. However, it is still important to still do your due diligence. When purchasing a home, its important to look out for key warning signs that should prompt you to speak to an expert. These problems won’t cause you to back out of the sale altogether, but you should consider getting an estimate from local professionals.

The California Association of Realtors provides an excellent info graphic on the topic below.

Stuck Windows & Doors

These can be a sign of moisture or that a house is settling due to age or structural shifting. Both are problematic.

Smell of Moisture

Besides damage to the house, moisture can adversely affect a homeowner’s or tenant’s health.

Sloping or Sagging Floors

Both indicate structural problems beyond just aging. Find out if framing, joists or sub flooring need replacement.

Historic Home Designation and Zoning Rules

Municipal guidelines may restrict buyers from making certain improvements to their home and property.

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