These bathrooms renovations on your home can actually pay off before you sell your home! These simple and cheap changes are great for home showings and your open houses.

Neutral Colors Work Best

If your current bathroom is extremely colorful you might invoke the wrong mood for potential buyers. Warmer shades such as white, cream and beige are ideal for creating that all-important atmosphere of peace – and hopefully, potential buyers will feel their worries go away the moment they first set foot in your blank canvas bathroom.

When you start with a blank canvas, buyers get a better sense of picturing what they can do the space. When they are previewing the house, they want to picture how they will design their potential new purchase.

Make a Statement With the Bathtub

The best bathtub to make a design statement are freestanding. If your property can make a promise in the bathroom, maybe the buyer will be more willing to make compromises in other areas of the home.

Introducing a distinctive statement feature to your home is a great lesson in interior design – and the bathroom is a great  space to do it! To dial up your bathroom’s aesthetic from just casual to something premium will draw your buyers eye!

Maximize Storage Space

In smaller homes, storage space might not come easy – and even if your property is a bigger size, there’s no harm in adding better storage solutions for your new buyers. 

In the bathroom, maybe consider wall hanging baskets or floating shelves. All of which are as affordable as they are effective. Hooks and hangars on the walls are easy to do as well. With these simple storage additions, you can create a clutter-free space where everything has its right place. The buyers will love how clean and organized the home will be!

More neutral colors, better storage space, and a statement bathtub will have buyers loving your “new” space!


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